As the legend goes it was don Francisco de Carabantes, a Dominican friar, who brought the first grapevines to Chile mid XVI century. We have paid homage to the memory of Carabantes by dedicating his name on our Syrah label. Characterized by intense aromas of violet, rosemary and blueberries, our Syrah embodies a strong personality witch makes it unique. A very elegantly structured wine of fine tannins which can be laid down and stored for 10 to 12 years.

Denomination of Origin Panquehue, Aconcagua Valley, Chile.
Limited production 18.000 bottles
Varieties Syrah 85%
Cab. Sauvignon 15%

Vineyard and Yield

High planting density, 5500 vines per hectare, planted in 1998. Vertical shoot system drip irrigation.
8.0 tons per hectare

Oak barrel aging: 18 months