If Cristobal (Christopher) Colon (Columbus obviously) represent the Old World and if Tatay means "ancestor" in the Mapundungun language, then the origin of the Old World is in the New World. Only an apparent paradox since the world is round, everything flows and we are all sons and daughters of the same Earth... The roots of Tatay de Cristòbal penetrate the alluvial, limestone soil rich in clay and remains of peat. It's a mysterious wine, unique, exclusive with a strong personality and structure. An offspring from the terroir at Panquehue and one of the greatest wines from Chile.

Denomination of Origin Panquehue, Aconcagua Valley, Chile.
Limited production 3.900 bottles
Varieties Carmenère 90%
Petit Verdot 10%

Vineyard and Yield

High planting density, 5500 vines per hectare, planted in 1998. Vertical shoot system drip irrigation.
7.0 tons per hectare

Oak barrel aging: 24 months